Homogeneous Tiles

What are Homogeneous Tiles

Homogeneous tiles are porcelain tiles. They consist of composition of special tiling material and clay, which are fired at very high temperature, resulting the tiles to be strong and water-resistant. Being a stronger material compare to other types of flooring materials, they are ideal for heavy-duty floor areas such as shopping malls, commercial centers and restaurants.

What is it good for?

Homogenous tiles are highly durable and commonly chosen to be one of the flooring options in Singapore. They are denser and less porous, which makes them a suitable flooring option for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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Features of Homogeneous Tiles

Easy To Clean & Maintain

Homogeneous tile are non porous and very resistant. This stable property allows stains and chemicals to easily clean off. It has a smooth surface, which requires only regular cleaning and wiping with vacuum and mops. Hence, it is convenient and easy for owners to maintain their floorings with homogeneous tiles.

Highly Durable

Homogeneous tiles are highly durable. They are scratch resistance and able to withstand abrasion. They are relatively stronger than other flooring materials, which make them a suitable flooring option for heavy-duty floor areas such as shopping malls and commercial areas to withstand high traffic.

Cost Efficient

Although Homogeneous tiles are more costly compare to ceramic tiles, it is still more cost saving flooring options to be chosen compare to natural wood or stone tiles. The cost of installation and maintenance is also much lower compare to natural wood and stone tiles, which require to be varnished or polished overtime.

Homogeneous tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms of homes due to their non-porous, slip and stain resistance features. Some other features such as high resistance and mechanical strength, making it a popular flooring option for many homes in Singapore. The tiles must be laid according to the gaps given by supplier to prevent it from popping, which will result in constant repair of flooring in future.
Homogeneous tiles are relatively more difficult to install due to its dense and compact composition, which makes them harder to be cut. Hence, it is important to engage a professional for proper installation for a longer lifespan of your flooring. Contact us to get the best quote and services from our partnering companies.
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