Parquet Flooring

What is Marble Flooring?

With the varieties of choices of flooring available, owners chose parquet for their homes reason because they preferred the real solid wood feel under their feet instead of the plastic or rubbery feel from vinyl/laminate flooring. Parquet flooring is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces which consist of natural 100% real wood. Parquet flooring has been a popular flooring option to be chosen in Singapore and it is made of hardwood from top to bottom of the block, making it a better choice due to its durability and longer lifespan. The only drawback is is that Parquet flooring requires maintenance. In any case, the tiles can be resealed, varnished and polished to look new again unlike most floorings which need to be fully replaced.

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Features of Parquet Flooring

Durability & Stability

Parquet flooring is more stable and durable than traditional wood flooring. It can last for generations with appropriate regular maintenance. It is important to follow recommended cleaning instructions and prevent excessive moisture in order for the parquet flooring to look new for years.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

Owners can simply use vacuum, sweeper or a wipe to remove the dust and other dirt particles to keep their parquet floors clean. Spills can be wiped up effectively. However, it is important to avoid using rough/abrasive wipes to prevent scratches and destroying the surface of the flooring.


With every unique tiles, owners can customise their homes in several patterns and designs to provide a beautiful and luxury in any space.

Non-Allergic & Dust-Free

Parquet flooring is a ideal choice for families with young kids. It is easier to keep parquet flooring clean unlike some other types of flooring materials which trap dusts, dirt and allergens easily.

With all the benefits of having parquet as your flooring choices, there are certain drawbacks that owners have to take note. Parquet flooring is made of wood which is susceptible to moisture and humidity. Hence, it has to be kept dry to ensure its durabilty. It is important that the tiles be varnished and polished overtime to ensure that the flooring looks beautiful and new as before.

Parquet flooring is an ideal solution for your homes. It is important to engage a professional for the installation and maintanace services to keep your parquet flooring lasting and durable. Contact us to get the best service and quotes from our partnering companies.

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