WoodDecking Flooring

What is WoodDecking Flooring?

Balcony is an extra space outside your home and many homes in Singapore are designed with balconies, and hence, home decking has become one of the primary choices of homeowners having renovations to their home. It enables homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space and customize according to what they desire. Installing a deck cab be very flexible and and it provides you extra social space which us ideal for a BBQ gatherings, playing kids, entertaining guests or just for your own pleasure and enjoyment. It is the best choice to design your property in an elegant way within a very reasonable budget.
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There are many different design options for outdoor decking and homeowners can basically create any kind of looks or style to beautify and enhance the qualities of your homes. Decking is broken into 3 different Classifications. – Softwood, Hardwood and Composite Decking. With the choices of softwood, hardwood or composite decking, what matters most is the quality of the decking materials. Therefore, choosing a reliable and credible flooring and decking contractor is important to ensure that the quality of your decking material is always of the better standard.


  • Easy & Clean Installation
  • Durable
  • Overlaying Option
  • Inexpensive

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Features of WoodDecking Flooring

Smart Investment

Outdoor decking provides a family oriented outdoor space for homeowners and it is relatively less expensive compare to other home renovations but still enables homeowners to expand their living space. This helps to increase value and desirability of your home in case you ever want to sell.

Great Comfort

Decks provides you high comfortability as they are natural material which enable them not to absorb too much heat from the sunshine. This allows us to be able to walk comfortably on it even on barefoot. Owners can enjoy a pleasant outdoor space at home with a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Ideal Space

A deck provides you a defined central space for hanging out with your friends and family. It is a perfect outdoor space for homeowners to provide a safe playing area for your kids, parties for your guests or even gatherings to have great bonding moments with family and friends.

Durable & Low Maintenance

Decks have a natural resistance, so they require very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime. They are useful, durable and attractive. You just need to mop or vacuum it occasionally using professional cleaning products to maintain their beautiful and vibrant looks. To protect the decks from growth of mould and bacteria, you might also need to polish the wood once or twice a year with a UV inhibitor.

Types of WoodDecking Flooring

Softwood Decking

Softwood decking uses materials from softwood timer that comes from faster growing, evergreen or coniferous trees. Softwood is significantly cheaper and easier to install. Although softwood decking is a cheaper, more economical decking option, if you are investing in decking for the long term with higher durability and lower maintenance, hardwood decking will prove more economical long term. Softwood decking tends to show signs of decay after a few years compare to Hardwood decking that can last for many years with little maintenance.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking uses materials from Hardwood comes from slow growing trees, which are often referred to as broadleaved trees. Hardwood species such as Merbau, Ironwood, and Chengal are the few popular materials used for timber decking. They boast excellent strength, durability, and stability that make them perfect for outdoor use and high foot traffic. Most hardwoods are resistant to dents and scratches and can naturally resist decaying, rotting, and even termites and bugs. Hardwoods might seem to cost more on the onset but your deck will be long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, so you are getting more value for your money in the long run.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a man-made building product that includes an approximate equal mix of recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic. Even though they require higher costing, composite decks are more durable and have a longer life span than wood decks. Unlike wood decks, they are much easier to maintain as they do not require the staining, sanding, sealing, and board replacement
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